Ammo Patriot Golden Eagle

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Our exclusive Golden Eagle membership includes the Daisy Red Ryder air rifle. Our DixieLee promotions has engraved on each rifle a unique serial number to the registered member. This allows exclusive member privileges, discounts and awards to network activities. These include online and onsite events. Our onsite events are exclusive to Golden Eagle members. Join Today.


Earn 10000 Ammo

Thank You for your interest in becoming an Ammo Patriot Golden Eagle member. You must be an active member of the network to enroll in the exclusive Golden Eagle Membership.

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NRA Membership
APARA Membership
Ammo VPN Network
Daisy NRA Red Ryder Rifle
DixieLee Series
Hyatt Farms Discounts
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2 reviews for Ammo Patriot Golden Eagle

  1. Huckshot

    All the network benefits and a registered Red Ryder air rifle. What a deal!

  2. kwik63 (verified owner)

    Outstanding offer from iCast!

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