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Our network is the specialty server division of brasstarr systems. We are proud of our over twenty years in the data distribution arena. From audio streaming to dedicated servers to accommodate live streaming services …our iCast team has the experience to “make it happen”. Through our single server applications to an advanced server data farm with built in VPN security… our clients and their listeners or viewers are protected sign on to sign off. Our Ghosttracks Shield program allows a device protection that is an industry leader in security and data protection.


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The Centurion Guard

We are proud to announce the addition of the Centurion Guard on our network. The guard is a veteran based support program for past and present veterans of the US armed forces. Based in Del City OK with a global presence to veterans and their families. The Centurion Foundation is founded and supported by US Veterans. Visit Us!

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New For 2020

NRA Recruiter

The iCast Media Center is now an Official Recruiter and Media outlet for the National Rifle Association. We are pleased to allow our members to become or renew their NRA memberships at our online network or at our onsite presentations. Our Americas Heartland Voice page brings You the latest on The 2nd Amendment and NRA Headlines. Earn Ammo Rewards on the iCast Network!!

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Bill Blair & His Flathead Ford

Our Feature Presentation

Our Featured Video Channel on  iCast Network TV is Our Racing Heroes . Join Bill Blair of the Blair racing family as He brings the history of various racing teams, drivers, mechanics and events that built auto racing into  a vivacious spectator sport. His expertise in the history of stockcar and drag racing will bring you up to speed in the world of racing history. 


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Ghosttracks Shield Protection

Streaming Around The World