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Our Audio and Video productions are dedicated to bringing the “voice of freedom” to The USA and around the globe. We at iCast believe in the quest that all nations should be a free society. Enjoy our network portals that promote the American way of life. NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE !

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Your security and privacy is priority one on the Ghosttracks VPN network. Use the same network that our worldwide  iCast studio uses every day of the week. The Ghost technology has access to worldwide dedicated servers to protect our members.
No one knows your device location when you use our Open VPN servers. 
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New For 2020

NRA Recruiter

The iCast Media Center is now an Official Recruiter and Media outlet for the National Rifle Association. We are pleased to allow our members to become or renew their NRA memberships at our online network or at our onsite presentations. Our Americas Heartland Voice page brings You the latest on The 2nd Amendment and NRA Headlines.  Stay tuned For  iCast Ammo Rewards Coming Soon!

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iCast Media is a proud Amazon Associate. Being an associate of the largest online retailer in the world allows us to expand our digital media marketing platform. We also use Amazon AWS servers  in various data applications. Please enjoy the links provided by our website as our members and clients enjoy online marketing at it’s finest! Visit our site as we offer promotions that coincide with our Amazon services.


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Bill Blair & His Flathead Ford

Our Feature Presentation

Our Featured Video Channel on  iCast Network TV is Our Racing Heroes . Join Bill Blair of the Blair racing family as He brings the history of various racing teams, drivers, mechanics and events that built auto racing into  a vivacious spectator sport. His expertise in the history of stockcar and drag racing will bring you up to speed in the world of racing history. 


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Ghosttracks Shield Protection

Your digital information and web-behavior are being constantly monitored, logged and tracked every day. The gathered information is then being processed, sold, and used to monetize your web activity by various 3rd parties. Be safe whenever you connect to shop, stream & socialize. Install Cyber Privacy Suite to enjoy a fully secured vpn connection with a selection of more than 20 locations to connect from. All iCast members receive a 25% discount. Add Your NRA Membership ...Get 30% Off the Retail Price.

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Save Time and Money! Use our  streaming servers  to deploy VOD, Live,PPV or subscription videos.

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Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect thumbnail, remove the playbar, add speed controls, and more

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Protect every data by backing up Windows/Linux servers, PCs, tablets, Mac computers, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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Broadcast your videos on your own network or FB and YT. You can broadcast on our to add earnings to your videos. 

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You can use our Stream Server for secure HTTP (HTTPS) streaming using Shoutcast and Icecast.Simultaneously stream your live events via social media, embedded on your site, and anywhere else your audience is tuned in –

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Let iCast Media stage your streaming events. From web  design,streaming servers to professional props at the event.
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Streaming Around The World