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Ammo Patriot

The exclusive social network with a Freedom theme. Build your network “networth” with real assets. Join the movement to “Keep America Free”. Become a Member Today. 

Real Points Value

Earn Points while you use our network for social media and online news and event that promote freedom

Secured Asset

Become a Patriot or NRA Ammo Patriot and receive an American Eagle or NRA Silver coin. Redeem Ammo Points to build your asset worth.

2nd Amendment

Our Patriot Memberships are designed to protect the 2nd Amendment and support the NRA. Special Ammo Recruiter Events are held online and on location.

Our Patriot Memberships

Ammo Silver Patriot

Build Your Ammo Points In Silver!


Ammo Patriot Eagle

Build Your Ammo Points In Silver!

NRA Ammo Patriot

Build Your Ammo Points In Silver!

Ammo Patriot

With VPN Service
$ 39
  • VPN Server
  • NRA Discounts
  • 2x Ammo Points

Patriot Eagle

Real Asset Value
$ 79
  • Patriot Plus
  • 1oz Silver Coin
  • Earned Interest

Patriot Captain

1 year NRA Membership
$ 99
  • Eagle Plus
  • CyberGuard
  • Affiliate Plus
Real Assets