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Stop putting your videos on servers that control your content. YouTube clutters their player with links to siphon your traffic. Our iCast digital platform integrates with the SmartVideo player. This creates a clean, customizable, and leak free.

Scanning Your Servers

Delivering the fastest video starts once we install SmartVideo on your site, SmartVideo scans for videos. Any videos found will be displayed in a clean, fast-loading player automatically, requiring no extra work on your part

Unlimited Bandwith

There are so many complicated facets just to figure out how much it will cost you to host video, that it’s no wonder people flock to free services. In fact, many video companies purposely confuse their customers about billing costs.

Digital Data Management

Our team will design, host, and integrate the SmartVideo CDN servers with your website plus... your business will be advertised on our iCast Streaming TV network.

Streaming Servers

Built For Security & Speed

Deliver any streaming broadcast to any device around the office or around the world. iCast streaming servers are built for reliability and speed. You don’t need low data space when your videos are at full capacity. We handle all that and more!!

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