Video Streaming

Video Broadcast Your Event

With Our Exclusive NRA Recruiter Event

Build Your Own Event

You will have access to a complete video production event built around our Freedom NRA Recruiter program. You can focus on your specific core program with many included premiums.

Up To Unlimited Videos

Each video production begins with specific video time decided by YOU. Our video data plans can be extended to unlimited video in a certain time period

Unlimited Channels

There are so many complicated facets just to figure out how much it will cost you to host video, that it’s no wonder people flock to free services. In fact, many video companies purposely confuse their customers about billing costs. First up... Our Freedom plan is flexible to your channel needs. Remember... We are the Freedom Network!

Unlimited Viewers

The web is a continuous street in front of your business. There is a constant flow of window shoppers. The iCast Freedom system doesn't limit your business to customer or client counts on your website! You can even run it on our own and earn tiered revenue.

Streaming Servers

Built For Security & Speed

Deliver any streaming broadcast to any device around the office or around the world. iCast streaming servers are built for reliability and speed. You don’t need low data space when your videos are at full capacity. We handle all that and more!!

Our iCast Freedom Streaming Services are built to integrate with our brasstarr systems. When combined …you’ll get all your hosting needs from one source.
We build and maintain servers from email accounts to business operating systems. 

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