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A Day of Infamy.

As a student of history, I cannot recall a time since December 7, 1941, when our country has been in such danger. We have a democrat controlled country that is bringing our country to it’s knees. This is not being done by a surprise attack in the early morning sunshine but by politicians who have only their personal interest in mind. We whipped the Empire of Japan and the Nazis in the 1940s but we now face an enemy without tanks and battleships but are well armed with lies, fraud, and the power to take away our freedoms are an election so far off the scales of fraud it is unbelieveable.
The continuing efforts to violate the Second Amendment makes me wonder if all these mass shootings are inspired by the democrats in an effort to support the anti-gun narrative.
We have seen what happenes when government takes control of a citizen’s right to bear arms. Look back in history to Nazi German, Communist Russia, and Communist China.
The First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech is already under great restrictions. An effort to end any assembly to rein in the power of this deranged government.
So, do you want Socialism? Take a look around the world at socialist countries and throughout the history of socialist counties. Is that what you want? You need look nor further than Venuzela to see what it’s like to live like that.
Cancel Culture is an effort to remove all of our history EXCEPT for the history that supports their narrative. Renaming buildings on college campuses, removing statutes of men and women who played a part in the history of this country. Yet, in all that, there was an article in our local newspaper just last week about how important it is to maintain the history of the “black section” of my city. Like everything else the dems do, it has to suit their narrative.
News media today? All of the major networks, along with CNN and MSNBC twist any news to fit the way they want it to be. News that doesn’t fit their narrative is not even reported. Further, present false news and flat out lying has become the norm
I hope you all will forgive this rant today, but we must start to organize to save our country.

Tim Leeming

Don’t Doubt Me

Ok folks, are you ready for this? Have you heard the idiots in the democrat party, Biden especially, are wanting to send money to the Central American Counties so their people would want to stay home instead of migrate here. First up, if he would use the money to complete the wall Trump started that would cut down on the illegal migrants (future democrat voters) from getting the in the county. Alligators in the Rio Grande, thousands of rattle snakes on the border, and 100,000 volts of electricity in the wall would certainly be less expensive and more productive.

Tim Leeming

Had Enough Yet?

This week alone, we have seen Biden taking away Second Amendment rights by Executive Order. We have seen chaos at the Southern Border because Joe and the Hoe refuse to do anything about it. Talk today is about packing the Supreme Court. Let’s face it folks, unless action is taken to rid ourselves of the democrat idiots our country is over. We can’t trust elections as it is and if the dems get it the way they want it, there will be no need for further elections. Is that what you want? I’m still waiting for action to be taken against this band of anti-American idiots. How is this going to be handled?

Tim Leeming

The conservative argument against guns

… to amplify the words of conservative legal scholars who have unequivocally … Court justice Antonin Scalia, a conservative icon. Even as Scalia affirmed …

Conservative students go wild as Edward Heath is dumped as patron – archive, 1985

… of the Federation of Conservative Students yesterday voted by … chaos to remove the former Conservative prime minister, Mr Edward … Russell Sanderson, chairman of the Conservative National Union, who had … the party leadership and Conservative central office.


As a Canadian living in the US Legally as a Permanent Resident Alien
Paying taxes Legally, driving Legally, working Legally owning a home Legally, with a Legally owned firearm.I wonder if it would be better for me to go back to Canada for a week then sneak across the border and get amnesty by the Dumbocrats and have more rights and freedom then a LEGAL citizens or residents of the United States of America. But being a what I believe a Honest man I can’t in good conscience do it. What I would like to do is explain to the Dumbograts what the difference between Illegal and Legal is. IT’S ILLEGAL. Written by a proud Canadian living in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA proudly 🇺🇸