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NRA Headline

The NRA isn’t going out of business!! They are moving from New York state to Texas!! The legal and financial reasons will be discussed on America’s Heartland Voice. This will air on Jan 17 2021 at 8:00 am . Be sure to get the real story!!


To Save The 2nd Amendment

Good Morning
As we close another week in the New Year and a very news worthy one at that…we must the Biden Administration takes office..their agenda hasn’t changed.
We must remain on the firing line of pro 2nd. The fight to “Move America Forward again…has begun!!


Welcome 2021

We would like to welcome a new year. This is also the launch of the new CastChat service on We are dedicated to the freedoms that have been forged in our founding documents, We also salute the veterans of our nation and the statesmen who have declared this to be a free nation in the legislative chambers of our local state and national institutions.

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A New Year?

So, sitting here at 12:07 pm on December 31, 2020, I am aware that it is less that 12 hours until 2020 becomes 2021. I don’t make resolutions because back in the day when I wasted time doing that I had broken them all by January 5th. Waste of time for me. I just always try to be a better person tomorrow than I am today.
When you wake up tomorrow morning it will still be a Friday, just like the past 52 Fridays of 2020. Think about what is likely to be different. They will still play all those football bowl games, basketball will be up and running and Covid 19 will still be here. The vaccine isn’t moving as fast as it should and, once again, it’s a political game causing that. More people are dying but it doesn’t matter to the politicians. Did you see where Biden’s choice for medical expertise has stated that anyone over 75 serves no useful purpose and should just die? That’s not fake news, I saw the interview. No doubt that doctor is too ignorant to know Biden is 78. Well, when it comes to Biden, he may have a point.
We are The Freedom Network. We , must stand up, although right now I am clueless as to exactly how we do that, to protect the freedoms we have enjoyed.
Happy New Year everyone but as Scarlett O’Hara said “After all, tomorrow is another day”.

Tim Leeming

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