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Our Ammo Rewards program is an exclusive points system that distributes points to our iCast membership through site activities. From log in to video views and more … Ammo rewards our members for loyalty and distribution of our NRA Freedom Recruiters program. 

Our Unique Points Reward System

Turn Your Points Into Real Value!!

Our NRA Recruiter Gala Event

New Ammo Points Rewards Event

To All FREE Members!! Our all new Ammo Points system is backed by pure silver. That’s Right!! 
Our next Recruiter event will take place online Dec 17 2022. It will be a special podcast on the Spreaker Ammo Recruiter Podcast with special guests. We will award the Ammo Points winner with a 1oz Pure Silver Uncirculated  Liberty Dollar.  
You’ll receive a real asset that will be your own property and owes no one an obligation of debt or interest. 
Spread the word!! Visit Our website daily and build points and  your chances to win real money value!!

  1. #1 kwik63 2,050
  2. #2 Richard53 1,860
  3. #3 Huckshot 1,380
  4. #4 Tim Leeming 1,175
  5. #5 Starr 840
  6. #6 Rangel 800
  7. #7 barnesjrj 600
  8. #8 KWkid 328
  9. #9 Tonyellis 300
  10. #10 BillBlair 300

Win This Liberty Dollar

Dec 17 2021
Ammo Recruiter Event

Our Ammo Patriot Event Tent

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