Do you believe it now?

Remember when Trump called Biden Sleepy Joe? Remember when we were warned that Biden didn’t have his mental stability? Remember all the warnings about what would happen if this man was to be elected? Well, it turns out he was “elected” by fraud and that is no conspiracy theory. Have you heard that he wants to bar crossing of the Georgia/Florida border while allowing 25,000 illegal aliens to coming into the country.. Have you kept up with the “executive orders” that deranged individual has signed since he has been in office? All you Biden crazies that voted for this man have remained mostly silent. Do you realize your mistake? Is that it? We are in a crisis America. Time to defend our Constitution against ALL enemies, even the DOMESTIC ones. Our very way of life is at stake.

Tim Leeming

3 comments on “Do you believe it now?

  1. Daniel says:

    Thanks To Our Editor IN Chief for putting so much into a post. We at proudly defend the Constitution. We must no longer look to the past victories…but create new ones!! If we are to “Keep Our Republic!!

  2. KWkid says:

    From a Canadian : I would have voted for Trump if I was allowed but being a true LEGAL ALIEN I couldn’t, I feel that Biden wasn’t voted in as much as Trump was voted out because of people who didn’t like him ,very sad.

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