To Save The 2nd Amendment

Good Morning
As we close another week in the New Year and a very news worthy one at that…we must the Biden Administration takes office..their agenda hasn’t changed.
We must remain on the firing line of pro 2nd. The fight to “Move America Forward again…has begun!!


2 comments on “To Save The 2nd Amendment

  1. What we are seeing here, not only with the Second Amendment, but also with the First, already, means the America we have known all our lives is heading toward termination unless we can find a way to defeat what we have been handed. Democrats have it all, the White House, the House and the Senate. As bad as we think Joe Biden will be we must understand that Kamala Harris is “President in Waiting”. We all know Joe is not up for the job and it won’t be long until they will 25th Amendment him out to put Kamala in. What we will have then is even worse that Joe. So stand by Patriots and watch your Freedoms closely before they disappear.

    1. Daniel says:

      We will stand strong!! As Ammo Patriots

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